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Amartya Sen draws interesting contrasts between India and China in "The Political Economy of Hunger". He observes that the culture of unsupressed journalism and democracy to explain why there are fewer instances of mass starvation as compared to China.


India and China had ties in the past, that's for sure. But it is no different to the Middle East or South East Asia having ties with Ancient China in the past.

So what? It was all about trade, nothing more. I bet trade was how Buddhism spread to China in the first place. Non of this hoopla about how China use to revere ancient India.

If going by you're romanticized assumptions, then 200 years from now, people will say that China and Japan had "links" because they shared similar architecture and culture. Of course excluding all the wars between them and deeming them unnecessary.

To be honest the Chinese don't really like the Indians and the Indians probably don't like the Chinese.

I am speaking from my P.O.V BTW :D

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