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Your post captures the issue prfeectly!


Hi Cowboy,Great post. Nothing to add. However I would like to chip in a little.Finland ralley needs more people, more talented people to be precise. I guess the authorities have understood that and that is why they are taking lots of foreign students every year(I'm one of them). But I meet a lot of finns who can't stand a foreign student. They simply hate the fact that these foreigners are studying for free with their tax money. And I say they have every right to do so. Why? Because the students(*most of em* not all) that are coming to finland, are not exactly what we might refer to as brilliant' or bright'. The minimum requirements set by the ministry of education doesn't ensure quality and the entrance exam they take barely tests your skills. Most of the students that come from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam can not get admission in Public Universities' in their respective countries. So, they seek other opportunities. But Private Universities are *very expensive*. So, Boom! let's go to Finland.I'm not sure how Finland could gain anything from these people. As you have said 40% of Forutune 500 companies were founded by immigrants. But the effect of immigrants on US economy is beyond that. Every start-up in the US seems to be founded/co-founded/early worked by an immigrant. If Finland, ralley wants the value out of the foreign students, the ministry ralley needs to rethink how they admit students. And to do that, the ministry ralley needs people who understand foreigners. When you are making policy for foreign students, you need to think like one. I hear that the government spent a good chunk of money promoting Finnish metal. Really, that was needed? Norway is the heaven of Black Metal and I didn't hear their government spend a dime. And I'm not sure if there is any need to chase Financial Times journalists to write hardly readable articles about Finland. Who reads the financial times? Rather they should spend some time getting some nice blogs out. Maybe get together with current immigrants and help them to express their thoughts on the web. Seriously, I don't care what the FT writes about Finland but I care what you are writing. And I'm sure I'm the only one. Anyways, sorry for the long comment. http://hftazezf.com [url=http://dvgmike.com]dvgmike[/url] [link=http://duwmqrbqfa.com]duwmqrbqfa[/link]

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