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Glen Farmer

This comment is related to the style of your article more so than the actual content.
This is the best designed site I have ever encountered.
The indexing of your article is a brilliant idea.

Amit Ranjan

Hi Marko ,

I am from India which is one of the fastest growing markets for mobile phones across the world.I liked your post on this topic but in attemptinmg to explain why the mobile phone has become so popular, you have completely missed out one of the most pragmatic reason for its success. You rightly point out that mobiles are very succeeful in developing countries,which is where the 2 billion numbers are coming from. In developing countries,mobile phones have succeeded simply because of government's inability to provide fast landline phones on demand to its citizens ; in India 10 years ago, people had to apply for a landline telephone to the state run telephone company and then wait for anything between 3-6 months to get it. So when mobiles become available , people had an instantaneous phone they could connect to. Mobile phone companies should actually be thankful that most of the developing countries telephone department were state run , corrupt and thoroughly incapable of providing prompt connectivity. I can vouch this for India but I am sure that the same holds true for most developing countries as well .


Hackability, was something which my friends and I pondered over. Could it be something as simple as choosing the lego blocks you want, and putting them together, the way we do with assembled computers? That we start with a very basic design (like Nokia's 3310) and hack it to form our own creation.
One reason why computer users were able to create "hacked" hardware, is because every piece worked with another piece in a standard (plug and play) way ....
hehe! Love rhymes!

azeem azhar

On scale Marko another set of questions on the scaling front arise from understanding the total environm,ental impact of a cellphone. Semiconductor manfuacturing is a dirty process: the chip may be small but the pollution is very large.

So as the number of cellphones rises (and their replacement rate increases) how do manage the full impact of these devices, in environmental lifecycle terms? (And to touch on Parfit's point) how does the growth in cellphone penetration increase demand for mobility and the amount of stuff that is transported?

Mark Curtis

Good stuff Marko. WH Auden the poet also writes of disconnection...though many years before mobile phones....in his poem "Funeral Blues".

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.


hackability (make a thing perform something it wasn't supposed to do)

is NOT

customisability (make something do something a little differentlly)

is NOT

personalisation (make it feel like yours, by putting some cute stickers on it, for example).

dickson daniel

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Roger C. Wise


Excellent observations. The essence... is social organization that ultimately comes from human communication and identity within and without.

A seminal aspect of membership within the social fabric is the degree to which belonging or perhaps the sense of belonging as an expression of personal expectations meshes in the mutually shared expectations of membership. It's the technology that creates the web and draws you into the human drama of belonging. However, the four pillars of "presence", "privacy", "identity", and "rights management" provides the shield that protects and empowers the membership and integrity of community.

Michael Schauz


regarding challenge #2 "Sometimess Off vs. Always On":
Derrick de Kerckhove`s note "it is the world itself that has become always on" very much reminds me of Oscar Wilde`s "life imitates art". It`s being immersed in the digital world so much that after shutting the car door inadvertently in the physical world you want to press "undo" (happed to me once).
The challenge of designing an "off" status is critical already in business life and becoming more and more critical. Some time ago colleagues expected a reply to their letter after a week. Then there came fax where the expected feedback time became shorter. E-Mail changed your individual service level to one day. Since there is E-Mail Push with BlackBerry & Co., an answer is expected after two hours the latest. So we all have to find our way for being "off" and, even more challenging, communicate it - stating the difference between "on the job" and "off the job".
You can not have a face-to-face business meeting any more with people really concentrating on you and the relevant topics: people look into their mobile devices for checking their latest e-mails and text messages. They make you feel not important enough getting their full attention. Since old codes of behaviour are not respected any more, we have to find new ones.

Robert Hollier

Enjoyed Blogging over Las Vegas. A couple of thoughts:

The so-called Web 2.0 seems to be stimulating and encouraging the phenomenon of hackability. For example, the CEO of Flock (a new browser) is quoted in today’s Financial Times as saying: “I see Flock as a client-side mash-up where users can mix and match applications.”

Below is a link to an interesting post on Apple, describing Apple as "a conduit for experience design":


The post is also interesting on how Apple’s strategy with its retail stores is monetising this opportunity.

Robert Hollier/Banner

Vinay Rao

Hi Marko,
Interesting observations. As someone who works in a similar space as yourself, but in a different geographical context, I do have more to add.

I will, in time.

Marko Kulmala

Just after meeting you I came to check your blog. Will came back here soon again. What was again the right word to sum Lordi in one word? Sensational was my word but I think Olli put it right: winner.

Matti Laurila

Terve, Marko!
Ystäväni kautta sain tietää Fon:in olemasa olosta. Taisin kuitenkin jäädä paitsi ilmaisesta laitteesta... nyt on Tammikuun 20 päivä... No, yhtäkaikki, ajattelin kuitenkin kirjoittaa tämän jutun.
Olen 51 kieltenopettaja ja eräopas (oma pikkufirma täällä Rovaniemellä, kts www- sivut). Olen todella pieni tekijä, mutta simply the best alallani. Miten niin? No,esittelen yksinkertaisesti asiakkailleni yksinkertaista lappilaista eränkäyntiä, pienissä porukoissa alkaen yksi henkilö. Netti auttaa minua jonkinverran asiakkaitten saamisessa, mutta olen yrittänyt päästä nk "viidakkosumpusarjaan" eli haluaisin tietyn tyypisen asiakasryhmän joka arvostaa luontoa, tai oikeastaan tarvitsee luontoa päästääkseen takaisin puikkojen ääreen ja tekemään taas työtä tauotta paristot latautuneena.
Parasta aikaa rakennan kelohirsimökkiä Perukajärven rannalle ja tämä "Camp Perunkajärvi" tulee olemaan uusi piilossa oleva rauhan ja latauksen tyyssija.
Miksi otan Sinuun yhteyttä? Kun ensikerran kuulin Sinusta, kalskahti korviin sana basso. Kun asuin vielä Saksassa soittelin itsekin kyseistä instrumenttia ja haaveena edelleenkin on Rickenbackerin stereobasso. Muutto Suomeen (armeijaan) ja nykyinen elämänmuoto ei enää anna mahdollisuuksia harrastaa sitä musiikkia, mitä silloin soittelimme kolmen kaverin bandissä, heavy rockin maailmassa, 70luvun alkupuolella.
Miten olisi, saisinko minä Sinusta puolestapuhujan erämaaseikkailuihini? Vuodesta 1992 alkaen olen pienimuotoisesti vienyt ihmisiä erämaahan hiihtäen, patikoiden ja kanootilla. Asiakkaita on ollut laidasta laitaan. Mieliinpainuin oli eräs espanjalainen yliopistoprofessori, jonka kanssa keskustelin nuotiolla 5 tuntia suomalaisuudesta ja samalla elämäntarkoituksesta. Hän totesi että minä (ja muutkin suomalaiset) ovat oivaltaneet sen, siis sen elämäntarkoituksen. Sinä itsekin olet mielelläsi savusaunassa ja jääkylmässä vedessä...
Jos Sinula on aikaa, piipahda Rovaniemellä tai vastaa tähän mailiin.
Niin, miten sen ilmaisen Fon:in laita on? saako niitä vielä ilmaiseks??
Matti Laurila


Heh.. I want to improve my trouble analysis I have a good fresh joke for you! What does the sun drink out of? Sunglasses.


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Marko, I need to talk with you.
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