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OK, let's get down to business. I can understand both sides of the argument as to why the rule may or may not be illegal and contravene employment laws. It is after all in theory discrimination based upon nationality and restriction to trade. The arguments which claim that it isn't, state that there is no restriction on how many non nationals a club can employ, which is total fact. However, there would be psychological restrictions, as clubs wouldn't sign loads of foreign players if they had no intention of playing them. Thus, I can see it being a legal minefield that I'd rather stay away from.
What I think is needed though is for those who create law to take a step back and realise that football and sport in general is a special case, and nike nfl jerseys that a free market isn't always the best way of providing the most effective and fair level of competition. Similar to what the world is now seeing with the collapse of the overly free banking industry. There are some simple (non legally based) arguments against the rule and hopefully I can put them to bed by giving my opinion.
Firstly, I have read on forums and in articles people claiming it would hinder non European football, I ask how so? The best non European players would still gravitate to the best leagues, which of course are European. The difference would be that the average foreign players wouldn't, which for me isn't a problem. Currently within England if a club has a choice between two equally skilled players one English, and one not, they are likely to choose the foreign player. For the simple reason that the initial transfer outlay is likely to be far cheaper for the foreign player than for that of the English player. Some would even argue that foreign players' level of professionalism is likely to be far greater in general. With these advantages to signing foreign players removed, the disadvantage to average nationals would also be removed, as an average English player doesn't choose to be valued above his market price. You could then say it is unfair to the average African player (for example) as he will no longer be able to get to the top, however the same can be levelled at any profession, the cream rises, the average stay where they are.
Moving on, the one hope is this will force clubs to concentrate on developing their own local young talent. (This would be instead, of the current practice of aggressively stealing young kids from smaller clubs and promising them the world (Personal rant)). This is because as we know if the pool of available talent is decreased, the prices for them would increase. Simple demand and supply theory, and part of the reason why clubs currently go foreign rather than native. To counter this clubs would look for cheaper alternatives to bring English players through and that would mean concentrating on developing their own talent from a young age, and hopefully instilling in them the values of professionalism!!



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I believe it is a shame and very unacceptable for any coach to exhibit like blatent unsportsmanship. Yelling at kids in that , manner is unacceptable. Who knows what else was occurring that this "set your pet off", but I definitley wouldn't want him coaching our kids. You could really do a variety of things in order to address it. You could talk to the coach of your son's team. Maybe he could discuss or has talked that will Ted. Also, just out of desire, where was he if this happened? You could talk for you to Ted yourself. If your son will not playing his team once again, it might not be as big of your deal, but if you accomplish, you can atleast acquire his story and explain your frustrations concerning this. If you think that this can be a reoccuring thing, I'd get in touch with someone within the organization. Sports for kids, especially at that young of your age, need to be with regards to teaching fundamentals, good sportsmanship, and having fun. Although none of the kids needed to say "bad game", he definitely didn't have to respond the way your dog did. I wouldn't want your pet coaching my kids.

First of all, God help MY child if she ever tells an opposing team "bad game" during the handshake. I happen to consider Ted's sentiment on of which point, that is totally unacceptable. That being said, Ted handled it drastically wrong. You don't take the opposing team on yourself, he should have been paid to your coach first. And when he learned so it was HIS team that is in the wrong, he should have apologized to your team and come along on his own crew. And you don't yell at kids because it truly is ineffective. I do actually consider calling kids on the particular carpet publicly for negative sportsmanship. They thought they ended up being cool in arrest by displaying bad sportsmanship, they should be instructed in public that they are not cool. That I have not a problem with whatsoever. But you don't scream at kids this also guy clearly lost his temper.

Had I been the coach in the offending team, there would have been recently laps. Lots and lots of laps. Calm, disappointed coach and laps until you would imagine you're going to vomit. I had a coach who was keen on telling us during ladders and also pushups or wallsits or maybe whatever "you're either gonna get smarter or stronger. I'm good either technique. "My guess is until this guy is over cut-throat and chooses to station that by coaching her kid's team. If he wasn't the particular coach, he'd be the parent on the sideline screaming at the particular coach. It's bad for children's sports, but you're going to really need to get used to it. Very few parents are likely to step up the that plate and volunteer along with the parents who do bother to volunteer are often the over competitive ones like this guy. It's a learning opportunity on your kid: some people are jerks. Welcome to life.

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use bevillinger udvalg fourpage sprgeskemaer til tre grupper , der er planlagt til at vidne ved torsdagens retsmde : kfum , en finanspolitisk vagthund gruppe kaldet omb watch, og ms aron s alliance for justice.aron siger, at de krvede konkrete svar psprgsml om skattemssig status , udgifter og ln niveauer af hendes gruppe . '' hvad vi troede skulle vre en hring ligner det kommer til at vre en inkvisition , '' aron says.weill indrmmer, at konservative advocacy grupper har vret ude paltrows liberale dem . joel aberbach , en politisk forsker ved university of california los angeles , siger interessegrupper er ikke rigtig i
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l fortstte med at forflge de samme snvre konomiske politikker begunstiget af fidel castro. disse politikker har holdt mange cubanere forarmet , men har aktiveret de verste rkker af militret til at leve storladent . generalerne har vret placeret i spidsen for staterun agenturer , der styrer landbrug, hoteller , minedrift , har fordelingen af olie- leasing, og andre dele af den economy.raúl castro vist en vis interesse i det nuvrende kinesiske model for regeringen , der frigr konomien privat udvikling , men bibeholder de tjler den politiske magt i hnderne pdet kommunistiske regime.cuba skal beslutte, om det er at for
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form party . hennes organisatoriskt std kommer att vara betydande fr buchanan , som han frsker freform party pvalsedeln i 29 delstater dr det inte automatiskt included.when ifrgasatt om detta udda koalition pmeet the press den 12 mars , uppgav buchanan att medan de r oense om de flesta frgor, inklusive abort , delar de en nskan att ppna upp systemet till svart people.another hot mot buchanan kandidatur skulle vara ett beslut av ross perot , far till reformistiska partiets att kra fr president . hittills har den rika texas affrsman som lg p2000 kampanj, men han kan fortfarande hoppa in i sista moment.still , s
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av svart basalt och pinetree vindskydd , bnder plja chocolatecolored jord och tenderar att skrumpen oliv trees.but apparaten av ockupationen r ockssynliga . ptvhermon toppar ver ain tineh knbj ett par israeliska armén lyssnarposter , tillter fri utsikt ver damascus bara 40 miles till nordost . en israeliska armén jeep kr lngsamt lngs en patrull vgen bredvid ett elektrifierat staket i dalen nedanfr majdal shams , rita glada uppmrksamhet ms khalil s grandchildren.the hlsningar ver dalen har blivit mindre vanligt sedan 1995 dden israeliska telefonntet fr mnniskor i israel att ringa direkt till angrnsand
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utjmnade straffen fr crack-kokain och pulver kokain . crack , vilket r helt enkelt pudercocaine skra med bakpulver och behandlas fr att gra det billigt och rkbart , anvnds mycket i innerstaden och r associerad med gnget aktivitet och vld . pudercocaine terfinns oftare i suburbs.black valmte medlemmarna rasande ver beslutet att ignorera de nya reglerna . de hvdade i ett brev till bill clinton att 96 procent av crack gripanden r av minoriteter , och att mellan 1988 och 1994 i los angeles , de enda personer som talats fr crackcocaine frsljningen var svarta och latinos.under gllande federal lag , som hrdat under
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knd fr massachusetts state police som den galna killen med fiol fallet ut tillbaka pen rem runt hans neck.but buddy tog att flyga, och blev pilot fr american optical company i southbridge , nra springfield ( ooie ) . hans frsta skyldighet var att fj. cheney welles , ordfrande i det moneyladen firma , fram och tillbaka frn southbridge till ring dammar i maine . fr detta uppdrag buddy flg en flottr biplan och frlskade sig i maines wilderness.one morgon hade han tappat mr welles av vid megantic club pbig island pond och tog fart fr att tervnda till southbridge nr hans motor svalde en ventil , och han kom ner i m
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