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As a new Dopplr user, I've got to tip my hat to the team. It's a fantastic useful service, and one that will hopefully help me in my quest to always meet someone new when visiting a new city.

Happy Dopplr'ing!


I've recently added You on dopplr, but unable to send You few words about me to know why I added You.
First I found Ejovi Nuwere's blog in the Internet. I read it every day, or at least every time he has new posts. He wrote about FON when he worked there. That's how I got to the FON page, where found Your blog and link to AULA. I got so fascinated about the AULA, that I wanted to make something similair here in Estonia where I live. But due to some problems I cannot do it. I wanted to attend one of your meetings but as I understood - AULA does not exist anymore. So I added You in dopplr to have the opportunity to meet You somewhere else on a conference or any other meeting.


support no.1

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